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     Prostate cancer is the most common malignant cancer in men. One in five men will develop prostate cancer during his lifetime. In most cases, the disease is curable, but prostate cancer is responsible for about 10 percent of all cancer-related deaths in men. When prostate cancer has already spread, there are limited treatment options available. One of these options is the so-called radioligand therapy with 177Lu-PSMA. In this therapy, a protein that binds to PSMA receptors on the prostate cancer cell is labeled with radioactive 177Lutetium. By injecting this labeled protein into the vein, it binds precisely to the tumors and results in targeted internal radiation. This therapy with 177Lu-PSMA has been shown to have better efficacy and tolerability than, for example, chemotherapy with cabizitaxel. According to experience to date, it is generally well tolerated with few side effects, which can, for example, affect the salivary glands or lead to changes in the blood count (for example, anemia). I introduced this therapy with my team at Vienna University Hospital back in 2013 and look back on an experience of over 500 therapies. I am happy to assist you with my many years of extensive expertise. In a study conducted at the Clinical Department of Nuclear Medicine of the University Hospital AKH Vienna under my direction, we were able to show that the vast majority of all patients respond positively to this therapy  [1] 


A novel further development of this treatment is therapy with the alpha emitter 225Actinium (225Ac), which offers greater efficacy due to its radiation type. Even in patients who do no longer respond to 177Lu-PSMA, 225Ac-PSMA often achieves a response. Careful consideration of the possibilities of 225-Actinium-PSMA is necessary for each individual patient in order to weigh up the opportunities and risks on the basis of the clinical situation. 

I will be happy to advise you about the possibilities of this innovative therapy, which I also perform on an outpatient basis in a pleasant and discreet atmosphere.

[1] Rasul S, Hacker M, Kretschmer-Chott E, Leisser A, Grubmueller B, Kramer G, Shariat S, Wadsak W, Mitterhauser M, Hartenbach M*, Haug AR. Clinical outcome of standardized 177Lu-PSMA-617 therapy in metastatic prostate cancer patients receiving 7400MBq every four weeks. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging, 2019 Nov 28.

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